Maximising the Use of Evaluation through Visual Thinking

EvaluVision is a methodology to improve the utilization of evaluation. It filters content, technical language, theories, and organises them into comprehensible graphics


Through visual thinking, EvaluVision encourages engagement from various level, management, programme, implementing partners, national and subnational officials, and communities.

It is an attempt at the World Food Programme to maximize the evaluation through visual thinking. It was designed and tested at workshops in Asia and the Pacific Region.

Case Studies


Go Visual! Evaluation of school feeding programme


Visual thinking evaluation workshop with farmers on local and regional procurement


Visual thinking goes online: evaluation workshop


Visual thinking evaluation workshop of climate change adaptation project


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Blog: How can Governments benefit from visual thinking in communicating evaluation findings? Takeaways from India (EvalPartners, Jun 2021)

Webinar: Picturing Evaluation: How visual thinking can improve facilitation and use (gLOCAL 2021, 3 June)